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30. October 2013

We are suspending publication of ChiefOfficers.Net

The archive is fully open to search.

Please bear with us for our first major system overhaul since launch in 2002.

Motorsport: chaos, excitement and boredom in motorsport's big weekend

28. October 2013

There was so much racing to watch this that having some kind of recorder was necessary. But in so many ways it started out badly and just got worse.

F1: Renault Formula One cars to carry an unusual brand in Korea

17. October 2013

Whether you call the black and gold cars Lotus after their sponsor or Renault after the tech, they still have their engine manufacturer's logo proudly displayed. Caterham (which has the right to the name Team Lotus but doesn't use it) also carry Renault branding. But for the Korean GP, that's going to change and almost no one outside Korea will know why

The Legal Professional: English solicitors on the edge as profession faces meltdown

16. October 2013

There are those who misguidedly think that the world would be better off without lawyers. The UK legal profession's problem is that it has for so long abandoned its long-standing principles that it's become utterly rotten from within. Add in the deliberate destruction of the profession by successive governments and it's no surprise that there is a crisis from which few will emerge unscathed.

Comms: Samsung finally reveal Note III. But you can't buy one.

5. September 2013

It would be the most anticipated mobile phone launch - bar none - if Samsung wasn't such a media tart that it places PR stories across the spectrum of press and lazy bloggers pounce on their every word, "revealing" "leaks" and providing fodder for indiscriminate search engines that these days are seemingly just as likely to be seeing requests for information on the company's products as they are for porn.

The only question to answer is how much of the PR stuff was information and how much - as is often the case - Samsung pushing out disinformation?

* spoiler alert: this article barely mentions the Note III. Read on to find out why.

Comms: Told you so: Nokia is selling itself to Microsoft

3. September 2013

On 18th February 2011, when Nokia announced that it would hitch its operating system wagon exclusively to Microsoft's mobile Windows, we said "What Nokia has now done is to become fiscally dependent on Microsoft. MS have got a phone company with a huge market share without paying a penny for it. And as Nokia declines, as many expect it to do, it will - ultimately - prove a potential takeover target for Microsoft." We had an opinion on whether it was a good idea. Has anything changed?

The Risk Professional: Did 11 September 2001 deliver its primary objectives?

28. August 2013

The actions of terrorists are always unacceptable. But history shows that changing attitudes accept the results of terrorism and, in some cases, see the results as worthy of the action. As we come up to two weeks before the 12th anniversary of 11 September 2001, it is clear some, perhaps unintended, consequences may prove to be beneficial to the entire world, including Muslims.

A contentious thought: please set aside emotional considerations when reading.

Aviation: Time to consider ending flights to Cairo?

19. August 2013

Cairo is becoming a place not to be. With snatch squads picking people up from the street and the British Embassy trying without much success to find out who's been caught up in the trawl and a raft of problems from other factions, this is starting to have all the hallmarks of a very dangerous situation.

TV: waving goodbye to 3D TV as buyers see TV as a consumer durable, not a fashion item

2. August 2013

Last week, a spokesman for the UK's Sky TV told his own news channel that the company would continue with 3D TV. But increasingly, that's an isolated stance. The basic problem is that consumers don't want a new TV as often as they want a new phone.